Sunday, October 29, 2006

Our geocaching outing

We had a great time geocaching today. The weather could not have been better. We found three of the four caches we searched for. I suspect the cache we could not find was missing since the difficulty rating was 1 star (out of five stars) and we had seven people looking for it.

The first two caches we searched for were fairly easy to find. We spent a lot of time looking for the third cache due to an error I made entering the coordinates into my GPS receiver. I was one digit off and that error put us about a mile from where we should have been. It also caused us to waste about an hour; thus we searched for only four caches today.

Afterwards, we all enjoyed food at Mazzio’s Pizza near the Bradleys.

Taking part in today’s geocaching adventure were Randy, Dawn, Dan, Jan, Sam, Gail, and Audrey.

I love this sport. Anytime any of you would like to go caching again, just let me know and I will plan another outing.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Talk at the ALGAE luncheon

There were seven of us at the ALGAE luncheon today: Julia T., Sharon B., Patricia B. (Sharon’s daughter), Jan N., Diana B., Larry H. and myself.

Sharon has been kayaking. She owns two kayaks – a single seat kayak and a two-seater. Sharon had recently been to a weekend event billed as “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” at Ft. Gibson Lake which taught a variety of outdoors skills including rappelling, kayaking, geocaching, orienteering, and basketmaking. She went with HAT member Gail S. and both of these “outdoor women” had a great time. I heard a rumor that some of those at the event had smuggled in some wine. For shame, for shame. I hope that these two HAT ladies will be able to join us as we go on a HAT geocaching adventure in Tulsa on Sunday, October 29.

We talked a little about movies we had seen recently. I mentioned Man of the Year starring Robin Williams, which I had recently seen. I recommend it. Larry and Diana had recently seen The Little Prince – a theatrical production staged in Tulsa. Julia suggested that HAT get involved in a community service project of some kind. She is going to look into the possibilities and let us know what she finds out.

By the way, the movie we will see this coming Sunday at the Tulsa Atheist Rendezvous will be The Illusionist. More on this will be sent out by e-mail tomorrow.

I learned from Larry that there is a difference between driving under the influence and driving while impaired. Larry is going to send me more info by e-mail. I figure we need to know this since at times the wine flows freely at events we attend.

Larry mentioned two websites of interest: and

Other topics of discussion included sex offenders and their difficulty in finding a place to live, and traditional households now being in a minority position.

It was good to see everyone there. There were a few others I was hoping to see, but they weren’t there. Maybe next time.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

HAT Minutes 10.15.06

At the HAT meeting today we had 14 people. Not a bad turnout for a rainy day. We had one visitor, and he was from Hong Kong. That’s quite a way from home. He is in Tulsa because he has a job as an instructor at a local college.

The door prize – a one-year subscription to Audubon magazine – was won by Richard Maule. Anyone interested in sponsoring a door prize for the next meeting should let me know.

Randy read a short poem. I have forgotten the title and author. I should have taken notes. Then I read some short quotations by Emily Dickinson. Next I read two of her poems: “I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died” and “Because I Could Not Stop for Death.” I concluded by reading a poem by former U. S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins, “Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes.”

Randy mentioned that we (at least five or us, that is) gathered at his house on October 7 for the monthly Movie Night. We watched a musical documentary A Vision Shared. Randy invited everyone to attend the next Movie Night on November 4. A likely candidate for the feature presentation is Buena Vista Social Club, but the selection has not been firmly decided. Since we usually consume wine at these gatherings, I suggested that we obtain a portable breathalyzer to insure no one leaves (if driving) with a blood alcohol level in excess of .80. I did not put this in the form of a motion, and no action was taken on it. But it is something we should consider.

Randy suggested that at our next meeting we all bring a joke or two to read or tell. I assume this is in addition to a presentation of some type which Brian will prepare. And for our December meeting, we will meet at Randy’s on Saturday, December 16, for our annual Human Light celebration and concert by the Secular Singers (Randy, Bea, Gail, and Dan). There will be no third Sunday meeting at Hardesty Library. The Bradleys will provide the entrĂ©e and fixings. Those attending are welcome to bring a dessert, if they so choose.

The program was a lecture on DVD presented by Edward Larsen. The title of Larsen’s lecture was “Scientific Creationism.” Discussion followed. Two of our members in attendance are retired teachers of biology. They shared their personal experiences in teaching the sometimes controversial subject in their classrooms.