Saturday, April 16, 2011

HAT to use facilities at Church of the Restoration

At today's meeting of the Humanist Association of Tulsa, the membership voted to make use of the facilities at Church of the Restoration, 1314 N. Greenwood. Our primary meeting, the third Saturday 2 pm general membership meeting, will continue to be held at the Genealogy Center on Harvard for the time being.

The fee for use of the facilities is $25 per month. Included will be use of the fully equiped kitchen, the main meeting room and piano, and use of the video equipment. I envision us holding a monthly dinner as a fundraiser, in addition to our monthly Humanism and the Arts programs.

We have great potential to reach others of a liberal mindset in the community thanks to our location on a central avenue: Greenwood Avenue. I would like to see a changable letter sign established next to the roadway. I would like to see the title of the weekly sermon posted so that passersby will know what is going on inside the building.

Another great potential lies across the street from the church: Carver Middle School. I would like to get three volunteers to donate an hour a week of their time to tutoring students.

To date, HAT has been an all-white organization. By making use of Restoration, we have the potential to attract black members. Thus far, we have only talked the talk. Let us see if now we can walk the walk.

I believe this arrangement is a win-win situation for both HAT and Church of the Restoration.