Monday, April 26, 2010

Food and Fellowship at Chopsticks

This photo was taken by our waitress at Chopsticks last Saturday, April 24, 2010. Seated around the table going clockwise from myself are Bob Hooper, Bill Dusenberry, Herb VanFleet, Marilyn Clarke, Larry Roth, John Lupardus, Ron McDaniel, Barbara Frey, and J.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

HAT Meeting, 4.17.10

Today's meeting of HAT began with Randy Bradley reading the Affirmations of Humanism, a statement written by Paul Kurtz. Randy said that he has ordered a 10' X 10' tent at a cost of about $240. We will be paying a $400 fee to set up the tent on "The Green" in downtown Tulsa on May 6, the National Day of Reason. We will be paying an additional fee to purchase $2 million of insurance to cover us for the five hours the tent will be up.

All HAT members are encouraged to come out to the Green on May 6. After the event, the tent will be made available to the reality-based community for other activities. Interested parties will be able to sign up for the "In Reason We Trust" license plate. Also, information from OESE regarding school textbooks will be available. Randy has put together a list of religion-based conflicts current going on around the world. He will make this list available.

[NOTE: The event on the Green has been canceled.]

HAT treasurer Dan Nerren passed out copies of the First Quarter Financial Report as well as receipts to those who recently paid their dues.

Next the floor was given to Herb van Fleet who presented the results of a recent survey of HAT members he conducted. He went over the questions one by one. The survey generated much discussion. Herb will be holding a meeting at his house of the Executive Committee at 2 pm on May 2 for further discussion of the survey and proposed actions which might follow from the survey. We might try to draft a mission statement at this meeting.