Saturday, May 24, 2008

HAT Meeting (5-18-08) and other events

HAT held its May meeting on the 18th of the month at Hardesty Library. Attendence was ten. Brian had prepared to show a travelogue on Paris, but the conversation was going so well that when Marilyn spoke up and said lets keep this conversation going, we did just that. For the better part of two hours we sat around the table and talked.

Stan Simpson would like to invite all HAT and TAM members to a party he will host on the afternoon of June 8, which is a Sunday. You may park across the street from his house at the transmission shop. Plan to arrive around 4 pm. The Humanist Study Group will meet at 2 pm and will end in time to drive to Stan's house.

I gave a membership and financial report on our chapter. Ron McDaniel paid his dues, and John Lowerison joined our chapter at the end of the meeting. That brings our membership total for the year up to 23. In the treasury we now have $1,555.31.

I read a poem by Cathryn Essinger titled "The Man Next Door Is Teaching His Dog to Drive." Please, I would like to see a few more people read a poem (or prose selection) at future meetings.

At the Food & Fellowship gathering today, our original venue was closed (second time this has happened to us). Just like last time, we went across the street and ate at a Vietnamese restaurant, Binh-le's. Twelve people were in attendance at this event.