Monday, February 18, 2008

HAT Meeting 2.17.08

The meeting began with announcements of upcoming events, namely the Food & Fellowship at 11:30 am on the 23rd at Cardigan’s (6000 S. Lewis) and the Atheists Meetup at 2:00 pm on the 24th at The Hideaway (1419 E. 15th).

The new HAT librarian is Kim Burdick. Bob Hooper brought a sack of books and donated them to the Freethinker’s Library. Bob also read a selection from Skeptical Inquirer.

Brian Hill mentioned a report from the Tulsa World about a speaker coming to TU who is going to give a lecture on the “New Atheism.” Some of us plan to attend to see just how hostile the speaker will be to skeptics.

The membership approved spending $144 for a one year trial association with We have had such good results with with the atheists group. Also approved was the spending of ten dollar per month on postcards to be mailed to legislators on various issues of concern to us.

I circulated a list for people who would like to take a tour of the Keystone Ancient Forest. If there is enough interest I will schedule a tour for us. There is a requirement that we have ten people minimum to go on the tour.

The program for the day was a reading of some of our favorite jokes.