Saturday, December 15, 2012

Today's HAT Meeting

The December meeting of the Humanist Association of Tulsa was called to order at 2:00 pm on December 15, 2012. There were seven people (six members and one guest) in attendance. Since our president, Marilyn Clarke, had another obligation today, I chaired the meeting.

Winner of the door prize (a flashlight) was Patricia Highby. Patricia was a guest today, having moved to Tulsa recently from Colorado.

The meeting began with readings, poetic or otherwise. I read a poem with the title of “Amo, Amas” written by John O’Keefe.

The treasurer’s report came next. Treasurer Larry Roth reported we had some $1,200+ in the treasury. As secretary, I reported we currently have a dues-paying membership of 15. I mentioned, that with the exception of September, all the slots for Humanist Sunday in 2012 were filled. Anyone wishing to speak in September 2013 should contact me.

I spoke about the relationship of HAT and COTR (Church of the Restoration). I mentioned that not one member of COTR had become a dues-paying member of HAT in 2012. The hoped for use of the facility as a “hang-out” for HAT never caught on. We currently pay COTR a monthly fee of $25 to use the building. Starting in January 2013, we will most likely revert to paying the $25 per use fee. No official action could be approved today since we lacked a quorum by one vote. The voting on the matter was deferred to the January meeting.

Larry Roth said that Dr. Stan Rice of Southeast Oklahoma State University in Durant would be traveling to Tulsa to perform in costume as Charles Darwin. The will take place on February 16 next year. This will be our Darwin Day program. There was some discussion about whether the meeting room at the Genealogy Center will be large enough to seat all who come to see Dr. Rice.

Bill Dusenberry would like to have a get-together on December 21 (Solstice Day) at some restaurant to celebrate the day, if there is enough interest in doing this. I will be polling my contact list to see who is interested.

If you were at today’s meeting, you may add your own reflections in the comment area.