Sunday, January 15, 2006

HAT Minutes, January 15, 2006

HAT met today, Sunday, January 15, starting at 1pm at the Hardesty Library. There were 19 people present, which included two first-time visitors. Door prize winners were Brian Hill and Russ Butler.

The new HAT Directory was distributed. I reported that we had $1,169 in the treasury. Someone immediately said its time we had a party, but frugal heads prevailed and no party was planned.

We decided that in lieu of a meeting in February that we would go to the Auditorium on the OSU-Tulsa campus and view a film – Moloch, which is a fictional account of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler in their Alpine retreat in beautiful Berchtesgaden, Germany. Prior to viewing the movie we will gather at the Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch at noon.

The program was on Bart Ehrman’s book Misquoting Jesus. We heard a portion of an audio recording of an interview of Ehrman on The Diane Rehm Show. Due to a technical malfunction with the CD player we were unable to hear more of the interview, but we all launched into a discussion of various matters including the perennial favorite: atheism vs. agnosticism.

[I have probably left out some things that we discussed at the meeting. If anyone would like to add to the record, you can add your own comments.]

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