Saturday, March 25, 2006

Good Crowd at Today's Food & Fellowship

The March Food & Fellowship was held today at The Royal Dragon restaurant. The Food & Fellowship gatherings have proven to be HAT's most popular event. There were 14 people at today's F&F. Present were Mary, Polly, Dawn, Randy, Sharon, Brian, Audrey, Jan, Marilyn, Howard, Barbara, Dan, Larry, and Harold.

Today's gathering was the last HAT event for this month, but if you like gathering with freethinkers please consider coming to the Tulsa Atheist Rendezvous tomorrow (3/26/06) at 2pm at Barnes & Noble on 41st (cafe area). It is my desire to give life to freethought writings by having them read aloud in public settings. I intend to read Philip Appleman's poem "Noah." If you would like to read something, please bring it.

The next HAT event is set for Saturday, April 1 (a week from today). This is a new event we are adding to our monthly calendar. It is a Movie Night at the Bradleys'. Randy and Dawn Bradley will be hosting a monthly movie night on the first Saturday of each month in their home starting at 7:00 PM. Saturday's movie will be announced later.


Anonymous said...

what is it all about?

Dan Nerren said...

We are a group of nonbelievers (in theistic explanations of life) who gathere together occasionally for mutual support and encouragement. I have never felt more loved and appreciated in my life than I do at this time, thanks to the current members of our group. Come to one of our events and check us out.