Monday, August 21, 2006

Minutes of HAT meeting, 8.20.06

There were 17 people at the HAT meeting yesterday. It was good to see so many attending on that hot Sunday afternoon.

In the business part of the meeting we approved spending $100 for an honorarium for Sharon Nichols to come to Tulsa and speak to our membership about her experiences regarding her lawsuit to force the removal of a Ten Commandments marker from the lawn of the Haskell County courthouse in Stigler. I don’t yet know whether Sharon will be interested in accepting this offer. I e-mailed her yesterday but don’t yet have a reply.

This month’s Food & Fellowship will be at Te’Kei’s at 1616 S. Utica on Saturday, August 26, starting at 11:30 am.

We gained a new member yesterday: Bob Freeman. Welcome to Bob. We now have 24 dues-paying members.

We will soon be losing one of our members: Harold Dundee, who will be moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Harold is retired from Tulane University where he taught biology for 30 years. Harold came to Tulsa last year about the time hurricane Katrina devastated a large part of New Orleans. In Baton Rouge he will have the opportunity to stay active in his professional life.

The program was presented by Marilyn Clarke. Her presentation was based upon an article from The Journal of Psychohistory. She related much of the article to current events, especially to the behavior of the Bush administration.

Somehow we got off to talking about the growth of the Christ legend and the history of the Bible. “A fun story,” commented Glenn Visher. Glenn spoke of the Greek influence upon the Apostle Paul.

Other topics of discussion which sprung from Marilyn’s talk were child abuse, parenting, abortion, and God as a parent figure.

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