Saturday, February 15, 2014

Notes from today's Humanist meeting

The February HAT meeting was held February, 15, 2014 at Schusterman-Benson Library starting at 2:30 pm. Present were the following: John L., Jan N., Barbara F., Marilyn C., Kathy W., and Dan N.

At the beginning of meetings we provide a time for those in attendance to read from a text that they have found meaningful. Today no one had anything they wished to read.

The Treasurer was not in attendance today; therefore, there was no treasurer’s report.

The Secretary reported that the dues-paying membership stood at two people. Kathy spoke up and said she had paid her dues. I noted the correction, revising the membership total to three.

Next, Kathy W. spoke about the needs of DVIS, Domestic Violence Intervention Services. There was talk about making a contribution to this worthy organization. There was no quorum at today’s meeting, therefore, no action was taken. One thing that became clear at this meeting was the need to revise the bylaws. In the past we have had larger membership numbers. With a declining membership, we need to revise our minimum requirement for the number of members present to conduct business.

Next, we heard from the Church of the Restoration liaison. I noted that I spoke at the February Humanist Sunday at COTR. The weather was bad that Sunday as it had been for the Humanist Sunday in January. The Progressive Book Group will meet on February 16, at approximately 12:30 pm at Restoration. We will discuss chapter 15 of Zinn’s People’s History. On the Fourth Sunday a group we call “Restoration Writers” will meet to write letters to influential people on a variety of issues.

This coming Thursday, Feb. 20, I will deliver a humanist invocation before the Tulsa City Council.

Next, I opened the meeting up for observations from those present. I read an article from that day’s Tulsa World about a young man who sings Christian songs at Tulsa Hills Shopping Center at or around the businesses of Ross Department Store and Marshall’s Department Store. I said if anyone would join me, I would be willing to sing freethought songs there as well. This offer still stands. Please contact me if you would like to sing freethought songs at Tulsa Hills Shopping Center. Call me at 918-798-3629.

It seems that some of those who are against women having the right to an abortion are calling on a boycott of Girl Scouts cookies. For our March meeting, we are asking our members to bring Girl Scout cookies as refreshments.

I had planned to play a 30-minute lecture on CD titled “That Powerful Glow of Warm Familiarity” and propose the start of the “Humanism Is For Humans” campaign, but I decided to put it off until next month.

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