Monday, November 28, 2005

...and the nominees are...

At the HAT meeting on November 20 the following nominations were made to fill the offices for 2006:

President: Randy Bradley
Vice President: Marilyn Clarke
Secretary: Dan Nerren
Treasurer: Dan Nerren
Program Director: Brian Hill

There are no contested offices and the time for nominations has expired, so the above will be your HAT officers for 2006. A vote to approve the slate will be held at the December meeting. The December meeting will be held at the home of Randy Bradley on Sunday, December 18, starting at 2:00 PM. Randy's address is 6705 E. 54 St.

Also at the November meeting we decided to spend $200 on honoraria for four guest speakers ($50 each) during 2006. Randy and Brian will select and arrange for the speakers. If anyone has a suggestion for a guest speaker, please let Randy or Brian know.

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