Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Eight Attend ALGAE Luncheon

It was good to see a well-attended luncheon today at the White River Fish Market. Present were Mary C., Valerie O’B, Julia T., Russ B., Dave T., Dana T., Jan N. and myself. We were glad to see Valerie again after a long absence. She is working on a Ph. D. at Tulsa University. She enjoys the sense of community she finds among to faculty in the biology department at TU.

Dave has recently obtained a copy of Daniel Dennett’s new book Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon and is looking forward to reading it. The book sounds like it is a good candidate for perusal by the Humanist Study Group.

We are glad Julia made it back safely from her recent trip to Kansas City, where she saw her younger sister perform in an orchestra.

We have another opportunity to be together again this Sunday (2/19/06) as we gather at the Spaghetti Warehouse at noon.

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