Saturday, July 26, 2008

Food & Fellowship

We had our monthly Food & Fellowship gathering today at Billy Sims’s Barbecue at The Farm shopping center near 51st and Sheridan. There were a dozen of us there enjoying barbecue sandwiches and “fixins” (potato salad, baked beans, chips, etc.). The group included Marilyn C., Marilyn G., Brian, Bob H., Richard, Larry R., Dawn, Randy, Kim, Ron, and Jan and myself.

Down at my end of the table, the conversation was mostly about energy (the high price of, new sources of, wind as, effect of China and India’s growing demand for, etc.). I usually learn something new at these gatherings, and today was no exception. I learned from Richard that there are a series of short (usually 2 to 5 minutes in length) skits that go by the name of “Mr. Deity” which you can find on YouTube, or you can just Google “Mr. Deity” at your computer. I don’t know how many episodes there are of Mr. Deity, but I just finished watching the first five. The link to Episode 1 is

It’s funny, but at the same time it’s not funny.

After we had finished eating, we all got in our respective vehicles and drove over to the new Kaiser Library in LaFortune Park. We saw the name of our chapter, “Humanist Association of Tulsa,” on a wall which recognized groups or individuals who had made donations toward the building of the library.

We spoke with a librarian who seemed to indicate there would be no problem with reserving the meeting room in the library. The person in charge of meeting room reservations was not there at the time of our visit, but Randy got his phone number to contact him later. As it turns out, the meeting room had already been reserved for the times we wished to reserve it. So our meetings will continue to be held at Hardesty Library at the usual time on the usual day.

The community center portion of the building is not yet open, but should be open by September. There is a possibility we might move there this fall, if we are able to reserve a meeting room in that part of the building.

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