Monday, July 21, 2008

HAT Meeting 7-20-08

There were 15 people in attendance at the HAT meeting yesterday. There were also several visitors at this meeting. Members attending were John L., Marilyn G., Brian H., Ron McD., Marilyn C., Randy B., Audrey D., Kimberly B., Bob H., and myself. Visitors in attendance were Herb V. F., William D., Larry R., and Jim and Sally McE. After the meeting, three of the visitors paid dues and became new members. Herb, Bill, and Larry.

We discussed moving the meetings to the new Kaiser Library at LaFortune Park. We will go, as a group, immediately after the Food & Fellowship gathering this Saturday (the library is closed on Sundays) to look over the new library and perhaps make a decision then about moving the meetings to Saturday at the Kaiser Library. Anyone interested in having input on this decision should try to join us at Billy Sims’s Barbecue in The Farm shopping center for the Food & Fellowship this coming Saturday at 11:30. After we eat, we will tour the new library. We should also be able to locate the plaque with our group’s name on it as a donor to help build the new library.

I spoke about a new Meetup group I am starting called Liberal Action Network. The purpose of this group is to generate letters to political representatives on issues of concern to ourselves. The first LAN Meetup will be held at The Royal Dragon on 51st Street (in the Fontana Center) on August 16, 7pm. We will be in the room with the large circular table. This will be a working meeting, in that while we are gathered together, we will write our letters. If you would like to do more than bewail the state of things, plan on attending this Meetup group and write a letter with us. Writing materials will be provided. All you need to do is show up.

Marilyn Clarke did an excellent job leading the program, “Freud, Religion, and Primary Process Thinking.” She spoke of the role our parents play in creating religion in ourselves. As young children, we have to rely upon our parents (“magical beings”) who know our needs and fulfill them while we are yet inarticulate. As we get older, we still look for magical beings to fulfill our needs. Now the magical beings become god(s).

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