Friday, December 23, 2005

Point of Inquiry

The Center for Inquiry is now producing audio programs in a series called "Point of Inquiry." Two segments have been produced so far, both during the week of December 12. More programs are to follow. The programs feature a summary of news of interest to humanists and skeptics plus other segments. In the first program Paul Kurtz is interviewed about his book Science and Religion: Are They Compatible? In the second program paranormal investigator Joe Nickell is interviewed regarding skeptical inquiry.

You can access "Point of Inquiry" at . Click on "Listen Now" to choose the program you wish to hear.

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wilsoner said...

I have listened to the first two and all of the new ones except with the mentalist. It sounds very good to me, almost like NPR. I wish there was programs on TV and normal radio like this, since even if there is a slight bias, it should be presented this position more in the media.