Saturday, December 31, 2005

Response to Patti's Death

Hi Dan,
Thanks for letting me know about Patti's death. It was a tough situation that I've reflected on often and will continue to think about. To touch on some positive, I will remember Patti's always exceptional free thought newspaper clips she added to the free thought clipping circle. And I will always remember Patti, especially for her determination. It was her goal to someday benefit from stem cell research and walk again, and go back to her business which was the center of her life. Good people die, but their memories and dreams live on.

Dan Cagle

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Dan Nerren said...


I took the liberty of posting your remarks above on the HAT blog as a tribute to Patti. I hope that is OK with you. I also posted Larry's response to her death.

I regret that I never had a face to face meeting with Patti. A couple of times I had a tentative plan to visit with her but never followed through with it. Now she is gone forever. I remember those days when the clipping circle was active, that time when the Internet had not yet made possible access to a wide variety of information. She put a lot of time and effort info the clipping circle and provided those of us in the circle with some interesting reading.

She was a generous financial support of HAT prior to the onset of MS. I am glad that Larry took time to oversee her business and care for her during her illness.

I will remember her as a compassionate liberal with interests in freethought, feminism, and animal rights.